Background of
Sensei Wendi Barker

*  Certified 5th Degree
Black Belt in Uechi Ryu
* Certified Uechi Ryu
Instructor and member of
the IUKF
*Certified Uechi Ryu
Instructor of the The Uechi
Ryu Karate Association of  
Hong Kong
* 2009 Received the 'Ruby
Award" by the Soroptomist
for her work in helping the
lives of woman.
*Sensei was honored with
the title of "Hometown
Hero" by the Whidbey
Record Newspaper in
December 2007
*Certified Personal Trainer
with the National Council
of Strength and Fitness.
*CPR Certified
* Member of IUKF Dragon
Fitness Team
*Active member of
(National Association of
Professional Martial Artist)
* Former tournament
competitor - Placing in the
top 3 of every event entered
at the Uechi Ryu World
championships from
Placing 1st in Black belt
woman's forms at the Nov
2004 NH nationals and
2nd in black belt fighting.
Mission Statement:

We will guide each student  in the martial arts on their way to Black Belt
Excellence by teaching them to lead by example, to empower them with
self confidence, self discipline and the self control to reach their
potential and become the success they were born to be.
"After just five months of study I feel more fit and
self-confident than ever before--and it shows. At the age of
58 I can honestly say that it's never too late to begin!"

Carole Hansen - Student
Tiger Martial Arts gets a five-star rating from this senior citizen.  I have been under the teachings of
sensei Wendy Barker since 2016.  At the time very few schools would be willing to teach a 65-year-old
a Martial Art.  I had just retired and had strict orders from my doctor to get some exercise or risk
serious health problems.  I’m a type 2 diabetic with high blood pressure and high cholesterol with
other physical issues.  I have always had an interest in the Martial Arts, and with today’s social
environment senior citizens can easily fall pray, so I thought what the heck.
Sensei Wendy was more then willing and able to tailor my training to accommodate any physical or
health issues I may have.  I am now 69 yrs old and a Sho-Dan which is a first-degree black belt in the
art of Uechi Ryu Karate.  My health has improved so drastically that I am under the danger levels with
my diabetes (A1C of 5.8) and have a significant improvement in body movement with far less pain
than before.  I am still attending and plan to get my second degree by the time I’m 72.
The learning environment at Tiger Martial Arts is a NO pressure environment with a friendly, helpful
atmosphere. There is a very cordial comradely amongst the fellow students.  Even though Sensei
likes to hold to tradition there is levity while still learning discipline.  Her way with children is just
amazing how easy she communicates and relates to the children she teaches.
I highly recommend Tiger Martial Arts for anyone looking to improve their health or sense of security.  
Tiger martial Arts is for all ages give it a try.

-Glenn Bernhard, student
"Our daughters started coming to Tiger Martial Arts a couple of years ago.  Their time with Wendi,
and the other students in her classes have been inspiring - we cannot recommend Tiger Martial Arts
enough!  At a time in their lives, going into and through Junior High School, being around positive,
uplifting, and great people has been a significant Blessing to the girls, and to us as their parents!
Thank you Wendi =)

Brock & Theresa Jenkins
I have been doing Uchie Ryu karate at Tiger Martial Arts for almost all my life. I started off as a shy 4
year old that was afraid of trying karate out, but once I finally tried it I felt like it was meant for me. As
I kept on taking classes I learned about self-defence, self-control, confidence, and the amazing
history of Uchie Ryu karate. After many years of hard work and dedication not to give up, I was able
to achieve my Jr. black belt. However once I achieved my Jr. black belt I realized that it was it the end
of my Uchie Ryu karate journey, but merely the beginning. Tiger Martial Arts really changed my life. I
wouldn’t be the person I am today if I didn’t go to Tiger Martial Arts.

-Waylan (current junior student)
“Tiger Martial arts has been a big part of my life.  Sensei Wendi and all the helpers, past and present,
have had a big impact on me.  By helping me learn self defense, it also helped build my confidence
and taught me a great deal of perseverance.  The Tiger Martial Art community is unlike any other.  
They all work to improve one another.  There is so much to learn from Sensei Wendi and every
student there.”

-Makenna (current junior student)
"After having all three of my children in karate, I now understand the phrase of “it takes a village”.  
With the skills they learn at home and 'Tiger Martial Arts', they have a true balance of respect,
discipline, determination and strength that will help pave their future.  I have much gratitude and
respect to Sensei Wendi for all the energy, patience and love that she has shown my children
throughout the years."

-Donna Parsell
I started training at Tiger Martial Arts over a decade ago as a young teenager. I was incredibly shy
and had never done anything like martial arts before. TMA welcomed me in like I was a family
member. They encouraged me and pushed me to be the best version of myself. I remember the first
time Sensei Barker had me teach in front of the class. I was a brown belt, and she just nudged me
out on the floor with the kids and disappeared into her office. I was petrified, but I did it. It only lasted
for five minutes, but that little push gave me the confidence I needed. Later I learned that she had
been watching the whole time and had only done it because she knew that I was ready. Her trust, in
me and in all her students at TMA, gives us confidence and motivation to be the best martial artists
we can be.
– Chelsey Schultz (the Ninja Gypsy)
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