The virtues of a black belt






Self Control


There's more to karate than kicking and punching!

It has been found that children have improvement in all aspects of their lives when they participate in karate.  Shy, quiet kids
learn self confidence and self esteem, high energy kids learn self control and with all kids their attitude improves along with their
grades and their general outlook on life.  Academic schools around the country are working karate into their after school
programs because of these findings.

We offer
Little Tiger's Classes for 4 and 5 year olds.  This class combines basic karate moves, coordination and balance with
self control and fun!

Children's Program teaches character education through mat chats, monthly themes,  activities and random acts of
kindness that are required for rank promotions.  Our students study a traditional Okinawan style of karate called Uechi Ryu.  
Students learn kata (forms) and kumite (pre-arranged partner drills) and history as they work their way to junior black belt status.  

Kids aged 7 and up with a orange belt or  higher can join our  
Black Belt Club - where there is more intensive training, demo
team opportunities and weapons training!

adult program works on physical fitness and self defense.  It is a great way to reduce stress!  The style we study is Uechi
Ryu Karate, which is an ancient Okinawan style based on Chinese boxing.  We offer a safe, clean and friendly environment to
help you on your way to Black Belt!

Are you ready?

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Since opening in 2005 our students have logged 112,350 Random Acts of Kindness!
Random Acts of Kindness!
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